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Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine’s Day is upon us.

It is time to show your loved ones what they really mean to you. Whether you love or hate this holiday, Valentine’s Day 2016 is gaining traction on our calendars at a rapid pace.

Never fear, A.JARON fine jewelry is ALWAYS here to help you.


Do yourself a favor and please avoid the nasty mysterious drug store chocolates and singing teddy bears.

Yes, red roses are beautiful… for about 5 days and then they start to fall apart.
Why not gift the love of your life with something that lasts a bit longer?

We have three ideas for you:

  1. jewelry
  2. Jewelry

We can help you find something sparkly for your Love. We carry some of the finest non-heart-shaped jewelry on the planet. Your Valentine does NOT need another horribly-made heart shaped necklace that will fall apart in 5 seconds. How about a timeless amethyst bracelet which can be worn everyday? Your Love will enjoy the amethyst bracelet as it sparkles and shines so nicely in the office lighting?


Or, how about some BonBons that will last longer than one week? We create custom BonBon rings year round. They do not melt, or make anyone feel guilty about having more than three, or have terrible- guess what flavor this is supposed to be- taste. The BonBon Ring is a fabulous statement ring which can be worn everyday.


A.JARON Fine jewelry also offers world famous Wishlist service.

Don’t know what to get you Valentine? Afraid she might hate what you pick out? Are you just a terrible gift-buyer? That’s okay, we forgive you and we will not hold it against you. Tell your Significant Other to come in to A.JARON Studio, have a glass of champagne and shop our selection. We will then make a list of your Love’s jewelry loves and then help you pick an amazing piece based on their selections. We almost make it too easy.

Do you have a Valentine that doesn’t like traditional jewelry? Do you consider your Valentine to be a bit edgy? Does your Valentine like skulls? We have a nice variety of unconventional jewelry which would fit nicely into your Love’s jewelry wardrobe. Angel wings, skulls, crowns and snakes- we have pieces of jewelry featuring all of these symbols. Amanda is always available to design custom pieces as well. If you see a design, an image or even a tattoo that you would like to use as inspiration for a design- bring it to A.JARON Studio. Amanda Jaron will custom design the jewelry of your dreams and fantasies.

If you are considering an upcoming Engagement, A.JARON Fine Jewelry would LOVE to help you through the diamond selection process and the ring design process. Amanda Jaron has over 100 custom engagement ring designs in her portfolio.
She welcomes all design requests, no idea is too big or wild and no detail too small.
Call 239-596-8610 to schedule your Engagement Ring design appointment. We enjoy seeing couples in love and ready to take the plunge.

Now that Valentine’s Day 2016 is completely figured out- let A.JARON Fine Jewelry know what else we can do to help you.

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Trending in Turquoise

Trending: Turquoise

There is a massive turquoise trend happening in the world of fine jewelry right now. The illustrious and opaque aqua blue hue can easily be dressed up or down, depending on how many diamonds one surrounds turquoise with. Turquoise is often called the universal color because it looks good on everyone from redheads to brunettes. Turquoise is also known as a friendly and happy color specially made for those who love to enjoy life.

The delicate light blue aqua to teal of turquoise  pairs perfectly with the current fashion flow in the direction of bohemian chic and 70’s fringe influences currently coming off of couture runways. Turquoise bell earrings pair perfectly with bell bottoms or the current equivalent- bootcut flare jeans. And dangle earrings specially crafted with turquoise beads pair perfectly with all of the fringe styles on handbags, dresses and skirts.

I love the blue hues in turquoise; they remind me of the beautiful Naples, Florida beaches that are just one of the perks that come with living in this amazing area. What better way to take the lovely hues, found in the gulf of mexico, everywhere you go than by adorning yourself with the mystical aqua of turquoise? The visual triggers of blue hues are meant to relax the mind and make the spirit more tranquil. Perhaps this is why we find beach vacations and going to the spa so relaxing.

Feel free to enjoy some complimentary relaxation by wearing and gazing at the following A.JARON Turquoise pieces:

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Cuff Love

If you walk into A.JARON Studio in Naples, Florida right now; you would view our center case which features a current jewelry trend that is of the moment, which we feel our wonderful jewelry customers need to pay attention to. A.JARON enjoys keeping our clients in the know about serious current jewelry trends.

At this very moment there are 12 statement cuff bracelets being featured in the A.JARON center case. The styles range from a glorious re-purposed cuff, created from a Coke-A-Cola bottle (my personal favorite) to a lovely horn cuff bracelet with a single diamond, set in 18KT gold, affixed to it (also one of my favorites).

Intense statement cuff bracelets are set to be huge on the 2015 fashion and fine jewelry stage. A statement cuff bracelet can set the most drab of outfits soaring to extremely fashionable heights. An intense statement cuff bracelet can dress up the most simple of shift dresses or even dress up a basic T-shirt and jeans combo. A large, shiny yellow gold cuff bracelet can add upgraded elements of elegance and sophistication to your caftan or one-shoulder, jersey, little black dress. Statement cuffs can also pair nicely with slip dresses, which are also making a comeback on the runways; a reprise from the style of the 1990’s. I am also completely enamoured with the way a simple, large gold cuff can make any draped sheath dress look like the everyday Goddess uniform.

There is lovely and ethereal artistic passion behind the scrimshaw horn cuffs which are currently displayed in the A.JARON central showcase. One depicts an owl, another a long and flowing beautiful beta fish throughout the length of the cuff and, there is a third which has a gallant scrimshaw horse with an embedded diamond eye.

2015 is also going to be seeing a ton of turquoise on the jewelry scene. Especially in the genre of bracelets. Fashion is all about 1970’s through 1990’s retro style right now. I love turquoise for it’s classic everyday wearability and everyday elegance. Turquoise is almost like the wearing black of jewelry- it goes with everything! Another one of my favorite jewelry trends for 2015 is the open work motif, where the piece looks like an open garden maze. You can get lost gazing away at such brilliant handiwork.

Weather you are looking for a statement cuff bracelet to wear to the office everyday, or you desire a statement cuff that rivals a sequin gown, A.JARON Fine Jewelry has a piece for every want and every wish. And, if we don’t have it- the great news is that Amanda Jaron can specially design your very own custom cuff bracelet! Enjoy stacking all of your bracelets all the way up your arms and through the roof!


High-Polished Sterling Silver, 22KT yellow gold and cubic zirconia open work statement cuff bracelet.
For additional details, visit:

Horn, 18KT gold and diamond cuff bracelet. For further details, visit:

Sterling Silver and large triple-turquoise statement cuff bracelet with forget me not floral accents.
For additional details, visit:

Carved and Scrimshaw Owl statement cuff bracelet with Sterling silver, gold and diamond accent.
For additional details, visit:

Open work cuff in antique Sterling Silver, with diamonds, sapphires and 18KT green gold and peridot floral accent. For additional details, please visit:

Re-purposed Coke-A-Cola glass bottle bracelet with pearl, cubic zirconia and sterling silver accents available by custom order. Price: $595.00
Call: (239) 596-8610 to place your order.


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Have we got some words for you!

“Sophia” “Emma” “Olivia” “Ava” “Isabella” “Chloe” “Addison” “Natalie” “Mila” “Savannah” “Violet” “Stella” “Amour” “Namaste” and “Amanda”

This Bracelet has your name on it.

As a very busy lady, there are very few things i never leave home without. Sunglasses (I do live in Florida), my regular glasses (i can’t legally drive without them), a different tube of lipstick for each mood I may encounter during the day, high heels, my wallet, car keys, and now my absolute favorite piece of jewelry. My custom made- one of a kind- “Amanda” cuff bracelet featuring my name written perfectly in high-polish sterling silver cursive.
I have never had anything so highly personal and it was created just for me.

Is it wrong to love something just because it has your name on it? Definitely not! If anything, seeing your own name on a piece will only make you love it more. Many couples have a special inscription on the inside of their wedding bands, something that marks a special moment or even an inside joke or code word that is spoken only between the two loves. The intrigue comes with the fact that those two people know that no other couple in the world has exactly the same inscription on the inside of their rings.

Love is spelled “personalization” for women and there is nothing more personal than a piece of fine jewelry for your loved one to wear every single day- bearing her name. A name-sake piece is bound to become as essential and personal as the lady’s handbag.

Or, you could always go the Zsa Zsa Gabor route in which she stated: “I don’t remember anybody’s name. How do you think the ‘Dahling’ thing got started?” Give everyone the opportunity to never forget YOUR name- put it on your wrist in gold or silver. Trust us, it will come in handy. Especially if you meet a hollywood legend.

Contact A.JARON Studio to create a custom name cuff for you or a loved one. Bracelets can be modeled and shaped in the form of one’s signature; nickname bracelets can also be created. Let us know if you wish to add diamonds or a birthstone to customize the look further.

Call (239) 596-8610 or email us at:

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