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A.JARON Bling Overs featured on Behind the Headlines

What is a Bling Over? A Bling Over is a fine jewelry make-over.
Recently, Amanda Jaron had the pleasure of explaining one of her Bling Overs with Behind the Headlines. Watch the video to find out more about Bling Overs at A.JARON Studio:

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Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine’s Day is upon us.

It is time to show your loved ones what they really mean to you. Whether you love or hate this holiday, Valentine’s Day 2016 is gaining traction on our calendars at a rapid pace.

Never fear, A.JARON fine jewelry is ALWAYS here to help you.


Do yourself a favor and please avoid the nasty mysterious drug store chocolates and singing teddy bears.

Yes, red roses are beautiful… for about 5 days and then they start to fall apart.
Why not gift the love of your life with something that lasts a bit longer?

We have three ideas for you:

  1. jewelry
  2. Jewelry

We can help you find something sparkly for your Love. We carry some of the finest non-heart-shaped jewelry on the planet. Your Valentine does NOT need another horribly-made heart shaped necklace that will fall apart in 5 seconds. How about a timeless amethyst bracelet which can be worn everyday? Your Love will enjoy the amethyst bracelet as it sparkles and shines so nicely in the office lighting?


Or, how about some BonBons that will last longer than one week? We create custom BonBon rings year round. They do not melt, or make anyone feel guilty about having more than three, or have terrible- guess what flavor this is supposed to be- taste. The BonBon Ring is a fabulous statement ring which can be worn everyday.


A.JARON Fine jewelry also offers world famous Wishlist service.

Don’t know what to get you Valentine? Afraid she might hate what you pick out? Are you just a terrible gift-buyer? That’s okay, we forgive you and we will not hold it against you. Tell your Significant Other to come in to A.JARON Studio, have a glass of champagne and shop our selection. We will then make a list of your Love’s jewelry loves and then help you pick an amazing piece based on their selections. We almost make it too easy.

Do you have a Valentine that doesn’t like traditional jewelry? Do you consider your Valentine to be a bit edgy? Does your Valentine like skulls? We have a nice variety of unconventional jewelry which would fit nicely into your Love’s jewelry wardrobe. Angel wings, skulls, crowns and snakes- we have pieces of jewelry featuring all of these symbols. Amanda is always available to design custom pieces as well. If you see a design, an image or even a tattoo that you would like to use as inspiration for a design- bring it to A.JARON Studio. Amanda Jaron will custom design the jewelry of your dreams and fantasies.

If you are considering an upcoming Engagement, A.JARON Fine Jewelry would LOVE to help you through the diamond selection process and the ring design process. Amanda Jaron has over 100 custom engagement ring designs in her portfolio.
She welcomes all design requests, no idea is too big or wild and no detail too small.
Call 239-596-8610 to schedule your Engagement Ring design appointment. We enjoy seeing couples in love and ready to take the plunge.

Now that Valentine’s Day 2016 is completely figured out- let A.JARON Fine Jewelry know what else we can do to help you.

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Celebration of LOVE - Custom Engagement Ring Design

Valentine’s Day 2015 is rapidly approaching and we all know what that means. Engagement Ring season is upon us! Over the 2014 holiday season over 1,986,562 couples got engaged. Okay, maybe not THAT many, but it always certainly seems like a lot of people like to pop the big question during a time where most of their family and friends are gathered in one place and everyone is feeling jubilant. This is great- we love LOVE and we definitely love when people take their loving relationships to the next level! A.JARON Studio is cheering (quite loudly) for your personal happy ever after!

And all proposals start with a ring. At A.JARON Studio, we fully understand that you and your sweetheart want to feel like royalty on your Big Day! What better way to start the royal procession than with jewels that make you feel like Queen and King for the rest of your lives?

To those couples desiring custom rings to celebrate their unique love, A.JARON Studio would love to design your custom engagement ring and custom wedding bands. A.JARON Studio would love to become your very own, legendary, family jeweler- all starting with the happy couple!

Custom designing your everlasting symbols of love at A.JARON Studio is easy! Jewelry designer Amanda Jaron wants you both to sit back, relax and enjoy your custom design session while enjoying a bottle of champagne or wine.Bring images of your favorite dream rings and Amanda Jaron will create your perfect engagement ring that is uniquely YOU. We invite everyone to join in on the design fun! A.JARON Studio wants to make a ring that will be loved and cherished as a precious symbol of your union together. We invite all happy couples considering matrimony to come in to A.JARON Studio and meet with Naples jewelry designer Amanda Jaron. Sip Champagne and let A.JARON Studio make all of your custom engagement ring dreams come true. Call (239) 596-8610 or email us at to set up your very own engagement ring design appointment. We look forward to designing your dream engagement ring and dream wedding rings at A.JARON Studio!



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Amanda Jaron Featured in The Journal

To read the full article, visit the following link:

Credit: J.C. Amodea (Naples Daily News)

Amanda Jaron’s mission “To create red carpet moments for everyday women, celebrities and fashionistas,” is right on track. Jaron describes her business, A. Jaron Fine Jewelry Design Studio, as “A little piece of Soho in paradise.” 
Opened in 2010 with upscale pieces that echo the area’s relaxed resort lifestyle, Jaron’s pieces have been featured in Oprah’s magazine and worn by celebrities like Rachael Ray, Sharon Stone and Kelly Ripa. 
And, besides basic retail store services like repair, appraisals, resizing prongs and using special shanks that allow changes in finger sizes, the studio is much more.
A vivacious and wildly creative businesswoman, Jaron has single-handedly reinvented the concept of shopping for fine jewelry that is definitely out of the box. Unlike the ordinary jewelry store shopping experience, Jaron offers the public a chance to participate in the creative process of crafting fine pieces. 
In her signature service, Bling Over, she and her customer engage in a cooperative effort using pieces that hold sentimental value and memories but may be outdated. She takes into consideration their personal taste, and from concept to design, Jaron reinvents and creates a finished, new piece.
And, there’s more. Jaron, who exudes joie de vivre sat down with us and explained her business model; this gal is loaded with ideas.
How did you become interested in the field?
I have always been an artist at heart. My mother enrolled me in an adult education jewelry class in metal smiting at age 13. Even though young, I fit in and realized ‘why make sculptures out of clay when you could use gold and diamonds as materials that were more coveted and long lasting?’
What materials do you work with and what is your price range?
I work with fine jewelry made with 18-carat gold and precious gems like diamonds to more accessible pieces using sterling silver and semiprecious stones in nature’s many colors. Just as an artist’s palette is always evolving, so too does my array of gemstones, from the purple-hued tanzanite and iolite, to turquoise and more. I have been on the Home Shopping Network with sterling silver pieces from $300 to $1,200 and see that with a variety of price points my business thrives year-round. I have pieces priced at $20 for a Lucite lapel pin to those priced at the sky’s limit. No one is making a commission, so mine is a welcoming studio and non-intimidating. There is something for everyone at all price points.
Tell us about your jewelry makeover service, Bling Overs?
Doing Bling Overs is my passion, and I love doing them and being able to tap into my creative side. So many women in this town have great jewelry collections accumulated over the years — some, treasured heirlooms. Carefully listening to their vision and back stories on each piece, we co-create and reinvent a new piece that still holds a memory. Bling Overs start at as little at $99 depending on the depth of the project. 
Do you host jewelry-making classes?
Yes, I hold Sip and Sparkle Girls Night Out jewelry classes for seven to ten people at $40 per person. In a guided class setting, I provide jewelry supplies such as glass beads, and attendees can upgrade to other materials, if they wish. I serve Champagne and chocolates and we have a great time. Each guest will leave the studio with their own one-of-a-kind creation. 
Tell us about the Glitter Foundation?
As a jewelry designer, I have spent my life listening to the stories told by my clients of how they acquired their jewelry collection and/or to whom they intend to leave it. Through those stories, I realized that I was creating jewelry that are more than just a mere token of one’s wealth; it’s a legacy of one’s life. These stories inspired me to create a foundation that is committed to honoring the “sparkle” of the past through grants, the “shimmer” of the present with mentors and the “shine” of a brilliant future with scholarships. In 2013, I started the Glitter Foundation for providing art education and therapy for Southwest Florida children in need.
Do you support other local causes or organizations?
Yes, I also work in Lucite and have sold hundreds of pieces like pink ribbon cuffs retailed at $25. The cuffs have been featured fundraising items for the Cleveland Clinic, the Lymphoma Society and the American Heart Association Go Red for Women campaign. I am also a supporter of the David Lawrence Center, the Cancer Alliance of Naples, PACE Center for Girls, and I donate jewelry to other nonprofits. I am donating five golden apples for Champions for Learning of Collier’s Golden Apple Awards. I am also doing a gold and diamond apple ring for a live auction that retails at $7500. 
A. JARON Studio
6310 Trail Blvd Naples (across the street from Waterside Shops, just north of Pine Ridge Road, in the same building as BV Yoga)
11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday or by appointment
239-596-8610; email: or 
Have someone to nominate for Fashion Forward? Send your nomination to
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