Have we got some words for you!

“Sophia” “Emma” “Olivia” “Ava” “Isabella” “Chloe” “Addison” “Natalie” “Mila” “Savannah” “Violet” “Stella” “Amour” “Namaste” and “Amanda”

This Bracelet has your name on it.

As a very busy lady, there are very few things i never leave home without. Sunglasses (I do live in Florida), my regular glasses (i can’t legally drive without them), a different tube of lipstick for each mood I may encounter during the day, high heels, my wallet, car keys, and now my absolute favorite piece of jewelry. My custom made- one of a kind- “Amanda” cuff bracelet featuring my name written perfectly in high-polish sterling silver cursive.
I have never had anything so highly personal and it was created just for me.

Is it wrong to love something just because it has your name on it? Definitely not! If anything, seeing your own name on a piece will only make you love it more. Many couples have a special inscription on the inside of their wedding bands, something that marks a special moment or even an inside joke or code word that is spoken only between the two loves. The intrigue comes with the fact that those two people know that no other couple in the world has exactly the same inscription on the inside of their rings.

Love is spelled “personalization” for women and there is nothing more personal than a piece of fine jewelry for your loved one to wear every single day- bearing her name. A name-sake piece is bound to become as essential and personal as the lady’s handbag.

Or, you could always go the Zsa Zsa Gabor route in which she stated: “I don’t remember anybody’s name. How do you think the ‘Dahling’ thing got started?” Give everyone the opportunity to never forget YOUR name- put it on your wrist in gold or silver. Trust us, it will come in handy. Especially if you meet a hollywood legend.


Contact A.JARON Studio to create a custom name cuff for you or a loved one. Bracelets can be modeled and shaped in the form of one’s signature; nickname bracelets can also be created. Let us know if you wish to add diamonds or a birthstone to customize the look further.

Call (239) 596-8610 or email us at: sparkle@ajaronstudio.com

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