Marsala Madness

Marsala Madness

Prepare for the rush of a whole new color wave coming soon. There will be Marsala Madness in 2015!

Marsala is a vast shift from the vivid, cartoon-like colors prevalent in past years, such as the vivid orange-red of tangerine tango, the regal green of bright emerald and the fun and feminine violet of radiant orchid. Marsala shifts the color spectrum to the earth with rich brown undertones found within this particular shade of red.  Marsala is a drastic change in direction from hues which could easily be found within the nearest rainbow; fashion and design are now flexing their focus down to a color which could easily be found in soil.

But why did Pantone choose Marsala? Executive director Leatrice Eiseman said, "We felt it was time for something that spoke to people's real needs—the need of nurturing, the need for something more robust that had a life force that was intrinsic to it. The most interesting thing about Marsala, I think, is that even though it has this grounded influence, this earthy undertone we see in the wine-red, at the same time, it has this sophistication. There is something very versatile about the color."

Also, with the return of 90’s grunge as viewed on recent runways, marsala is on repeat circling around the fashion orbitals once again. The deep hue was quite prominent in the 70’s, saw a return in the 90’s (along with a few bits of 70’s fashion) and it has now reappeared for 2015 hopefully for it’s most notable and elegant go-round. One of my favorite things about this hot hue is that marsala is easily wearable for almost any coloring, in dresses, pants, skirts, nail lacquer, eyeshadow, shoes, handbags and of course, lipstick. I’ve even heard of high-level fashionistas using marsala as an alternative to brown leather pieces (shoes, watches, belts, and clutches) providing an ultra updated look for the new year. Marsala can be utilized as the more-chic and more-daring step-sister to classic brown leather.

I know the most important question looming: what jewelry is a Lady to wear with this new hue- marsala? How do we sparkle up such an earthy red tone?

There are always the matchy-matchy options of garnet, spinel, ruby, rubellite, and morganite.

Or you can have some colorful flair with a few contrasting features with stunning gemstones like sapphire, emerald, blue topaz, london blue topaz, black diamonds, citrine, carnelian, labradorite and smoky topaz.

Allow me to suggest a few of my personal favorites to wear with marsala:

For just a bit of contrast, I love this peridot and blue topaz ring:

If you like a bit more matching:

A lively carnelian necklace for some contrast:

A beautiful, yellow gold woven bracelet that blends well with anything and everything:

A stunning cigar band ring with some heart:

The perfect necklace for those golden and smoky brown undertones:

How do you plan to rock and sparkle with the 2015 Marsala trend?

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