Naples Daily News - Bayshore Artist in the Bayshore Arts District 2017 article

'I'm a mermaid'

Jaron made an immediate, literal splash by having muralist Marcus Zotter paint a mermaid lolling across the length of her building. Jaron said she thought it would be a nice tag to the nearby Gulf and might bring a few curious souls in. She was surprised at the strong reaction.

"Women were coming in and telling me, 'I'm a mermaid,'" she said. The identification has inspired her: She's planning a bench for a selfies spot and perhaps

At the same time, a confluence of  a fuller event schedule at the Wang Opera Center and Thom Millsap's inspiration to turn on display window lights on concert nights, led to a phenomenon he and Vallejo hadn't seen in the past: Foot traffic.

"People who were leaving there were coming by here," said Millsap, who has been painting in Naples for 30 years and at his 2377 Linwood Ave. location for the last eight. 

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